Towergate signs Loss Recovery Insurance agreement with Lorega

March 4, 2013

by Brian Turner

Story link: Towergate signs Loss Recovery Insurance agreement with Lorega

Towergate has entered into a five-year agreement with Lorega, to exclusively provide its range of Loss Recovery Insurance products to the broker's clients.

Lorega has successfully worked in partnership with Towergate since 2006, to provide specialist policyholder claims services, branded as Towergate Assist.

Under the terms of the new agreement Towergate will continue to own brand the Lorega products and will aim to significantly increase distribution. This will include the new Lorega 10 product, which will also be introduced to the Towergate SME client during the first quarter of the year.

Paul Williams, Broking Director of Towergate said: "We have been very impressed with the professionalism that Lorega has brought to the vital claims handling process and believe their products provide a real competitive advantage. In the event of a claim our policyholders benefit from immediate access to the very best advice, which both increases retention and enhances our own reputation in the market."

Neill Johnstone, Managing Director of Lorega said: "Lorega is 100% focused on putting the policyholder first and we are therefore delighted that Towergate's clients value our support and advice following an insurance loss. Our TV screens are overwhelmed by solicitors imploring us to claim for any little mishap, it seems that there is no such thing as an accident in this modern age. Somebody is to blame and they need to pay!. With this in mind, it would be a very brave (or maybe foolish) owner of any business, be it big or small who decided that public liability insurance wasn't necessary. Clicking on the following link will answer your questions that you might have on Is It Against the Law To Not Hold Public Liability Insurance?.By entering into a five-year agreement we are ideally placed to continue to drive the penetration of our Loss Recovery Insurance products and deliver the quickest and fairest claims settlements possible for policyholders."

New Awards Ceremony Builds on Regional Reputation

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Standard Chartered in leadership changes


By Jonathan Davies

UK bank Standard Chartered has announced big changes to its senior leadership.

Chief executive, Peter Sands, will be replaced by ex-JP Morgan banker Bill Winters. Our TV screens are overwhelmed by solicitors imploring us to claim for any little mishap, it seems that there is no such thing as an accident in this modern age. Somebody is to blame and they need to pay!. With this in mind, it would surely be an extremely brave (or maybe foolish) owner of any business, be it big or small who decided that they didn't need public liability insurance. Clicking on the following link will answer any questions on uk public liability insurance.He will take over from Mr Sands, who has been under immense pressure to recover Standard Chartered's falling share price, in June.

Mr Sands described the appointment of Mr Winters as "a great choice".

Sir John Peace, the bank's chair will leave in 2016 and three other non-executive directors are also leaving the company.

Standard Chartered's share price was up 3% after the news. The bank, which focuses on the Asian market, has struggled over the past year, issuing three profit warnings in 2014.


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What's best: repaying your mortgage vs borrowing even more ... to invest?

To borrow or to reduce borrowing? With rates so low it's a financial quandary facing millions. The two opposing voices spell out their respective arguments, left and right.

Which do you find the more persuasive?

Angel says: Be prudent and pay down debts

Don't you ever learn? Have you forgotten that the borrowing binge in the years up to 2007 was precisely what tipped the Western world into its worst-ever recession? To even contemplate going the same way all over again is madness.

What you should do is count your blessings and take advantage of low interest rates to clear as much debt as possible. Do the sums and see how much you'll save in the long term. Millions of borrowers languish on mortgages taken out years ago - despite the staggeringly cheap fixed and variable rate loans being dangled in front of them.

Take the opportunity to remortgage to a lower rate. But - and this is key - keep your repayments at their existing level so you overpay every month. Then sit back and watch as your total debt plummets.

It's simple to do, it involves no risk and the savings are huge. Let's say you have a

Briefing: Who is in the running to take the top job at Gallagher?

17 February 2015 | By Saxon East

Towergate-bound David Ross may have only just left the building at Gallagher International, but speculation has already begun over his replacement as chief executive. Our TV screens are full of adverts from lawyers imploring us to claim for each and every mishap, there is obviously no such thing as an accident in this modern age. Somebody can be blamed and they must be made to pay!. Bearing this in mind, it would surely be a very brave (or maybe foolish) small business owner who decided that they didn't need public liability insurance. Clicking on the following link will answer any questions on Is Not Having Public Liability Insurance Illegal?.Whoever ends up replacing him is going to have a challenging job on their hands

Family business owners unsure about passing the torch

Family business owners unsure about passing the torch Family business owners feel the next generation needs more time before taking the reins

Two thirds of family business owners feel the next generation is not yet ready to take over, research finds.

Most respondents (56 per cent) envisage the next handover will not happen for at least ten years, according to a study by law firm Gordons.

Almost half (44 per cent) believe changes will be needed before they relinquish control, as they feel their businesses' current ownership structures would not serve the next generation well.

More than a third (37 per cent) of respondents say they have family members who do not want to get involved in their enterprises.

Meet your neighbours before you buy (at home or away)

Jane Slade at her apartment in TurkeyPH

Jane Slade at her apartment in Turkey

Location and price tag are always top of our 'foreign home' checklist, when perhaps it should be people. After all, if you are buying a villa or apartment in a resort - as most of us do - it helps to know if our neighbours are going to be the type we would want to sit next to round the pool.

On a resort, the likelihood is that your property is going to be pretty close to several others, so making sure the people next door are 'like-minded' should be a priority.

If it's peace and quiet you're after then a property on a large resort may be a bad choice; but if you are sociable, with young children and seeking new friends it could be heaven.

If you want to be private and anonymous then splash out on your own pool or opt for an apartment on a small scheme inland from the beach. Making the most of your inspection trip and asking the right questions is key to ensuring future harmonious holidays.

I say this from personal experience after years of looking at resorts of holiday homes abroad with one eye on buying. When my schoolteacher husband and I had decided on the southwest coast of Turkey, the developers, a young Anglo-Turkish couple, invited us to stay in their home, five minutes from the apartment complex near Dalaman.

There we met a delightful Scottish couple Sue and Sandy Evett who had bought an apartment off plan in the same Valley Apartments scheme we were considering in this unspoilt area next to a seven km long beach.

We spent a great evening together and happily for us they have ended up our next-door neighbours. Hakan and Katie Cinar, who run Lycia Properties, from whom we bought our three-bedroom, two bathroom apartment, make sure prospective buyers meet existing owners as part of the selling process.

It's important that potential owners know who their neighbours are going to be

Katie Cinar, Lycia Properties

"It's important that potential owners know who their neighbours are going to be," says Katie.

"They need to determine what kind of people they are and also to get an independent view of our product and the area.

"We organise get togethers and barbecues so people can meet us and other buyers in a relaxed way. We want happy owners, living in happy communities."

Katie and Hakan also introduced us to professional violinists Caroline and Colin O'Neill who have a villa in a neighbouring scheme; and also Robin Phillips, a financial director, his wife Anne and their four children who own a private villa and pool.

We've now met all our neighbours in our eight-unit apartment complex and feel very lucky that everyone is committed to preserving the peace and quiet of our rural paradise.

We've all agreed on a simple code of conduct too such as uniform sunbeds by the pool, poolside etiquette (no glass), and for some fruit trees (oranges and lemons) to be planted in the garden. Some developments in Spain also limit or ban short-term rentals.

Having the right neighbours can have unexpected networking benefits too, as Guernsey hoteliers Pat and Peter Norey discovered when they bought a large three-bedroom apartment on The Landings resort in St Lucia eight years ago.

"It helps being sociable in a place like this," says Peter whose son helped a fellow owner sell his business.

"It is always useful to meet surgeons and lawyers and interesting to see how people have made their money."

Related articles

Professional violinists Caroline and Colin O'Neill have a villa in a neighbouring schemePH

Professional violinists Caroline and Colin O'Neill have a villa in a neighbouring scheme

Pat and Peter are among a growing number of British people investing in winter sun destinations (some 55 per cent of Landings' owners are Brits over the age of 50) with many discovering that rich pickings can be made from socializing with their affluent and friendly neighbours.

What to ask agents/developers to look out for

o Find out what kind of people have bought in the complex you are interested in. E.g. retired, young families, singles, businessmen, international?

o Ask to meet some owners without the agent/developer being present

o Look around the local village; is it scruffy and tatty or well-maintained? This will tell you a lot about the locals and their foreign customers

o Ask if there are any timeshare or shared-ownership properties in your scheme, which could have lots of different owners, or if owners have bought to rent? You need to know if you are going to have lots of occasional neighbours

o Is the resort open or closed to outsiders? Check out the security measures

o If you are visiting in low season ask if there are any mass-market tourist resorts nearby which could change the feel of the area in summer

o If privacy is important see if your apartment overlooks the others - or indeed if any overlook you - and what measures you can take to overcome this e.g. With interest rates stuck firmly in the gutter, investors are looking elsewhere for investment opportunities. One particular opportunity is the buy-to-let market, you or if you have the funds available you buy a property and then get an income from the rent. With property holding its value nicely, it's a technique that offers a degree of security whilst offering decent returns on your investment. However, its not without its pitfalls. The following link offers answers to questions such as Does Direct Line Landlord Insurance Cover Multiple Properties?.erecting an awning, blinds, plants

o Being close to recreational facilities can be good and bad; bad because of the noise and good for access

o Proximity to an airport is only good if you are not under the flight path

Villas and Condo sales at The Landings, St Lucia visit:

For villas an apartments on Turkey's southwest coast visit:

Government to weigh in on late payment issue

Government to weigh in on late payment issue The cross-party parliamentary roundtable will address the problem of late payments

The Federation of Small Businesses is assembling an influential cross-party group of MPs to identify possible solutions to the deterioration of payment practices in the UK.

Last month a number of large companies, including Premier Foods and 2 Sisters were identified and criticised by the FSB for 'supply chain bullying'.

Mounting bills over travel insurance claim piled on the agony as illness hit holiday plans

Not what the doctor ordered: having to pay the GP to give evidence for a travel insurance claim. Photograph: Alamy

The family holiday of a lifetime had been a couple of years in the making. The plan was to spend pretty much the entire six-week school summer holiday abroad relaxing, seeing the sights and visiting relatives.

But, two weeks before we were due to leave, our world collapsed. My wife was diagnosed with a serious life-threatening illness. She needed a major operation and quickly.

Amid all of the worry about her health, the difficult decisions around the surgery, and how to explain everything to the children, the practicalities of postponing the holiday was a relatively minor consideration. However, cancelling and rebooking all the arrangements (we were able to make a shorter trip at a later date) was time-consuming and stressful at a very difficult time.

It was also costly. Some hotels were happy to waive their cancellation fees in the circumstances, but not all. So we were left with a bill of

UK landlords get nearly

UK landlords get nearly 						<div class=

Britain's biggest building society Nationwide launches cheapest ever fixed-rate mortgage over 10 years at 2.84% for existing customers and 2.94% for new clients

By Ruth Lythe for Money Mail

Published: 01:06 GMT, 21 January 2015 | Updated: 10:47 GMT, 21 January 2015

Britain's biggest building society, Nationwide, has unveiled the cheapest ever fixed-rate mortgage over ten years.

Borrowers can lock up repayments for a decade at 2.84 per cent for existing mortgage customers and 2.94 per cent for new clients. There is a

Labour makes its pitch for tenants' votes

Labour has set out its plans to attract private tenants' votes for the forthcoming general election, with letting fees banned, longer tenancies and an end to "excessive" rent increases. They claim that tenants in total will be

77,000 homes bought under Help to Buy

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis has welcomed the figures released today showing that more people are getting a home of their own through the Help to Buy scheme, and as a result housebuilding levels continue to climb.

Today's figures show:

41,533 households helped into new build homes under the Help to Buy (equity loan) scheme up to December 2014

of these 83% are first time buyers (34,419)

of total sales 94% were outside London

30,269 households buying new and existing homes through Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee

5,588 households supported into a new build home through the Help to Buy: New-buy scheme

In total more than 77,000 households have been supported under Help to Buy up to December 2014.

Help to Buy is a key part of the government's long-term economic plan to increase house building and home-owners.

Sales through the Help to Buy have been strong across the country, with Wiltshire (748) seeing the highest number.

The top 5 other areas that have a strong number of Help to Buy sales include Leeds (669), Central Bedfordshire (650), Milton Keynes (567), Peterborough (564) and Birmingham (527).

The scheme, claims Brandon Lewis, has also helped get the country building again - "housebuilding has risen to the highest level since 2007, and companies are now taking on workers at the fastest rate since 1997".

In a press release out Friday, Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said:

"The figures today show clearly that Help to Buy supports aspiring homeowners and is a key part of our drive to help hard-working people who want a home of their own.

"To date, Help to Buy has helped over 77,000 households to purchase a home with just a fraction of the deposit they would normally require. The scheme has...

also helped get the country building again, with private housebuilding up 20% over the last year, and its highest since 2007.

"This, and today's industry figures showing 100,000 new housebuilding jobs created in just the last 18 months, show clearly that Help to Buy is a success.

"Today's Help to Buy statistics are published as new industry figures show a sharp increase in the numbers of housebuilding jobs, with 100,000 additional jobs created in England."

Home Builders Federation Executive Chairman Steward Basely said:

"Recruiting more skilled workers will be key as the industry shapes up to build the homes the country needs. The recent steep increase in house building activity has seen builders across the country recruiting heavily. As the industry increases build rates further, tens of thousands of workers will be needed, from apprentices to skilled professionals.

"The industry needs skilled and ambitious people in a range of areas including bricklayers, site managers, engineers and finance professionals and offers an exciting and rewarding career for anyone who wants to help build the communities of the future."



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